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About Liechtenstein - Prince Alois I

Prince Alois I von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1781 - 1805

Picture of Prince Alois I von LiechtensteinBorn 1969, Died 1772.

Alois I was engaged from an early age in the administration and cultivation of his domains, aside from short-term guest appearances in the Imperial army.

The skills that he gained during his travels and his studies of the relevant literature resulted in the modernisation and rationalisation of the Princely operations. Alois introduced new production methods, experimented with breeding results, and imported numerous useful and ornamental plants from overseas for economic reasons or pure botanical interest. In addition, he was characterised by a pronounced fondness for his library, which he expanded through the purchase of complete collections.

Alois was also concerned with achieving a Princely ambience. Under this reign, he had the architect Joseph Hardtmuth construct a new Majorat Palace in the Herrengasse in Vienna. He also decorated the Eisgrub Park with numerous ornamental buildings and hired a seasonal theatre group and a permanent music group.


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