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About Liechtenstein - Prince Johann I

Prince Johann I von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1805 - 1836

Picture of Prince Johann I von LiechtensteinBorn 1760, Died 1836.

Johann Josef began his career at the age of 22 as a Lieutenant in the Imperial army. He advanced rapidly and already participated as a Colonel eight years later in the Turkish Wars.

The Prince fought in the Napoleonic Wars and also intervened significantly in the fate of Austria at the negotiating table: He was decisively responsible for the achievement of the Peace of Pressburg (Bratislava in modern Slovakia) (1805) and also conducted, far less successfully, the negotiations on the Peace of Schönbrunn (1809).

In 1810, he ended his military career with the rank of Field Marshal and was subsequently engaged solely in economic activities. Through the targeted expansion of agriculture and forestry and a radical reorganisation of the administration, the Prince took the requirements of a modern estate operation into account. He proved to be a trend-setter in the area of garden art by planting the Biedermeier gardens and park landscapes according to the English model in his domains and in Vienna.

In 1806, Napoleon accepted the Principality of Liechtenstein into the Rhine Confederation and thereby lay the foundation for the sovereignty of the country. Two years later, Prince Johann joined the German Confederation. In addition to numerous innovations in the area of jurisprudence and administration, he granted the Principality an estate constitution in 1818.

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