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About Liechtenstein - Prince Josef I

Prince Josef Johann Adam von Liechtenstein

Reigned between 1721 - 1732

Picture of Prince Josef 1st von LiechtensteinBorn 1690, Died 1732.

Josef Johann Adam, the only surviving son of Prince Anton Florian, served in the Imperial army when he was a young man and, in this capacity, took part in the Spanish war of succession.

On the occasion of the coronation ceremony in 1712, Emperor Karl VI appointed him as treasurer and in 1713 as Principal Commissioner at the Moravian parliament.

In view of his descent as well as his political and military merits, Josef Johann Adam received the Order of the Golden Fleece shortly after taking government office in 1721. Beginning in 1723, he held the honour of Privy Counsellor, and in 1729/30, he opened the Princely Council in Silesia as the Imperial Principal Commissioner.

For economic reasons, the Prince stayed away from court service, but he was quite successful in administering his properties, and he succeeded in amicably settling disputes within the family concerning the inheritance of Prince Hans Adam.

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