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About Liechtenstein - Balzers AG

Balzers-Unaxis AG

Balzers-Unaxis LogoBalzers Unaxis produces optical thin film components and systems. They also offer optical design, assembly and coating services for industries such as projection display, biotechnology, low-defect optical lids and lighting.

Balzers Unaxis Head OfficeHistory

1946 - Balzers Ltd. founded by Prince Franz-Josef II., Dr. Max Auwaerter and Emil Georg Buehrle. Main Focus: Thin Film Coating

1955 - First subsidiary company for Thin Films founded in Geisenheim

1957 - Expansion of Business towards Vacuum Technology; new Production Plant for Coating Process Systems in Trübbach (CH)

1969 - Take-over of Arthur Pfeiffer (Vacuum Pumps)

1976 - Balzers becomes part of the Oerlikon-Buehrle Group

1994 - Leybold becomes part of the Oerlikon-Buehrle Group

1997 - Foundation of subsidiary company in US: Golden, Colorado

2000 - New Name for the Oerlikon-Buehrle Group: Unaxis

2002 - Shanghai as first production site of Optical Thin Films in Asia