Ospelt AG

Malbuner packaging exampleQuality and innovation are seen as a recipe for success. For over forty years Herbert Ospelt laid the foundations of the modern Ospelt Group. Even back then, he had a clear vision that comprised of two principles - the intention to launch new and innovative creations to surprise and delight the customers; and to commit to providing only the best quality. These objectives are still the principles to which the Ospelt Group work to today.

Successful expansion of the head office in Liechtenstein, an EEA country, gives access to the 'common market'. The plants in Liechtenstein deliver to Switzerland, Austria and Germany which are seen as the most important markets within mainland Europe. Ospelt have set themselves the goal of growing the market segments and to become the leading international supplier of first-class foodstuffs and high quality animal feeds.

Malbuner logo from the Ospelt GroupThe most famous brand of the Ospelt Group is the Malbuner name, given to meat products. The advertising strap line is 'Mal besser, Malbuner' (eat better, Malbuner).


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