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About Liechtenstein - Cycling

Cycling in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein - a mountain biking paradiseCycling has been a popular pastime in Liechtenstein for many years, in both the road racing and mountain biking formats.

Mountain biking is obviously well suited to the terrain in the country, and many of the footpaths and tracks are wide and secure enough for bikes to use, allowing the cyclists the wonderful views and fresh air at high altitude.

Roman Hermann, Liechtenstein's famous cyclistRoad racing can either use the relatively flat valley floor, or the mountain climbs to really test the cyclist. Races occur often during the summer, and there are few places in the world where a race can/could pass through three countries so quickly.


Liechtensteinische Cycling Association logoLiechtenstein's cycling heritage comes from the Schaaner Roman Hermann who gained international recognition in the 1970's. He now owns a cycle shop in his home village, encouraging a new generation of cyclists.


For more information on the sport of cycling in Liechtenstein, log onto the federation website at: www.lie-cycling.li