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About Liechtenstein - Hiking

Hiking in the Principality of Liechtenstein

A view from a peak in LiechtensteinThe mountains and foothills in Liechtenstein offer numerous opportunities for all abilities in terms of hiking and walking. The best views are obviously reserved for the mountain tops, but the panoramas can be just as pleasing on the foothills or on the Eschnerberg in the north of the country.

All the footpaths are very well signposted, with an indication of the time required to reach a destination, as opposed the distance - remembering Naismith's rule, the actual distance could be misinterpreted.

A picture of footpath signposts in LiechtensteinThe most notable paths in the country are the Historic Hohenweg (high path) around the Eschnerberg, and Fürstenweg or Fürstenstrasse (Prince's way or street) from Nendeln to Triesen along the foot of the mountains.

Other paths are high in the mountains, with the Fürstensteig (Prince's trail) and Drei Schwestern (3 sisters mountain) being amongst the most favourite.

Other popular paths include the Fürstin Gina Weg (Princess Gina trail) which links Sareis, above Malbun, with Pfälzerhütte on the Austro-Liechtensteiner border, the Schönberg walk from Malbun round and down into Steg (although the reverse route is preferred by locals), and the easier route along the Saminatal (Samina valley) from Steg (although for the full distance one could start from the Pfälzerhütte) downstream into Frastanz, Austria - so if you walk this one - take your passport.

Other less strenuous walks include the walk down from Sareis - having ascended to 2000m by chairlift, or a stroll around the unique settlement of Steg, including the lake, or the path from Gaflei on the Rhine valley side, through the 'old tunnel' into Steg.

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