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About Liechtenstein - Swimming

Swimming in Liechtenstein

Mühleholz swimming poolLiechtenstein can boast one of the most popular and best equipped outdoor swimming pools (Mühleholz Freibad), with a competition sized pool, paddling pools, barbecue areas and fields for playing games and sunbathing. During the summer, this is very well frequented.

For all year round swimming, Eschen, Triesen and Balzers have wonderful indoor swimming pools, and Schaan also boasts a pool attached to the school - open to the public at certain times.

Karin Eggenberger and Marina Kersting - Synchronised swimming champions

Swimming is also a popular competition sport in Liechtenstein, using these fine facilities. Details of the swimming federation can be found at their website - www.lschv.li

The Bubble Scuba Diving club logoLiechtenstein also boasts a competition winner in the field of synchronised swimming, although the 'club' is located just over the border in Buchs in Switzerland.

As in most places in the world, scuba diving is also a popular sport, and Liechtenstein is no exception. The Bubbles club do regular diving trips in the Rhine, Lake Constance and also further afield. For more details, check out their website at: www.bubbles.li