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About Liechtenstein - Summer Sports

Summer Sports in Liechtenstein

An aerial view of the sports complex in EschenThe alpine summers allow for long warm days, and the natural and man-made facilities mean that the population of Liechtenstein have a wonderful choice of sports and activities. Using the mountains, people go hiking and climbing, jump off the tops of the mountains with hanggliders or paragliders, and cycle up and down them. For the less adventurous, you can just take a bus up the mountain and enjoy the clear, fresh air (and, of course, take the bus down again).


The open air swimming pool between Vaduz and Schaan

For those people less bothered about being up high, there are facilities in nearly every village. Tennis, football, swimming and indoor sports such as volley ball, basketball, etc, all equipped to the most modern standards.


Summer is a wonderful time of year to be in Liechtenstein, and if sport is your thing, be it passive or active, this country won't disappoint you.