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About Liechtenstein - Other Winter Sports

Other winter sports in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Nordic skiing successLiechtenstein has, in recent years expanded its winter sporting footprint, with moderate success in Nordic skiing, and more recently, having entered the sports of Ice Hockey and Bobsleigh.


The Nordic skiing has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, and whilst the number of competitors is not great, Liechtenstein is seeing some success in this discipline.

The Liechtenstein national ice hockey team
In Ice Hockey, the local team - Schellenberg-Vaduz compete in the National league 4. There is sufficient interest in the sport to have allowed the formation of a national team. In addition to the winter sport of ice hockey - Inline Hockey is also popular in the country, with a number of teams competing in this. For more information, please log onto the association website at - www.leiv.li


The Liechtenstein 2-man Bobsleigh team

Bobsleigh is a new area of competition for Liechtensteiner, but I suppose if Jamaica can do it without snow - then Liechtenstein certainly can. It is still too early to speak of any success in this field, but watch out for them at the next Olympics. In Skeleton bob, however, Liechtenstein has seen some success.