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About Liechtenstein - Natural Sights

Natural sights in the Principality of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein's natural sights involve the impressive mountain landscape, and the Rhine valley that contrasts it. Most tourists visiting Liechtenstein arrive in Vaduz, wander around the centre and complain at the lack of 'unspoiled areas, and the prices of the tourist tat!' There is another option!

Panorama of Vaduz

Take a bus from the centre of Vaduz up to Triesenberg, or better still to Malbun, or travel to the next village of Schaan and walk up the hillside to Dux. Alternatively, take a bus to the Unterland and enjoy the hilly landscape of the Eschnerberg.

Liechtenstein is not Vaduz, so don't follow the sheep. There's so much more to the country. Here is a list of possible excursions - possible during a day or two day-trip to the country.