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About Liechtenstein - Tourist Sights

Tourist sights in the Principality of Liechtenstein

Most of Liechtenstein's attractions are natural, although there are some additional attractions that you may want to visit. The castles and ruins are an obvious example. The castle of Vaduz cannot be view as this is the Prince's private residence. But the castle of Gutenberg is open to the public, and so are the ruins of the fort in Schellenberg, and for the more adventurous, the Wildschloss above Vaduz.

All the villages have a centre near or infront of the parish church, with most of the amenities and historic houses being located there. In general, the sporting facilities are either on the mountain side or alongside the Rhine.

The City-train in front of the Liechtenstein parlimentParticular mention should be given to the Liechtenstein parliament building (Landtag) and the red house (Rothaus), both in Vaduz. One easy and quick way to orientate yourself with the sights of Vaduz is to take the City-train which will guide you around the attractions.

The Biedermann-Haus in Schellenberg is a house that has been preserved to represent the peasant lifestyle of 200 years ago. Nearby, you will find the centre of Eschen with the Pfrundhaus and historic centre. Alternatively, the church hill of Bendern, with its grotto is well worth a visit.

Finally, take a trip up to Malbun, then up the chairlift and enjoy a high-altitude drink whilst enjoying the landscape.