Villages & Communities of Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is still split along the old 'country' lines of the upper and lower counties (Oberland and Unterland). The lower or Unterland is smaller and is centred around the Eschnerberg, a hill in the middle of the Rhine floodplain.


Schellenberg was the name of the old county, and the village of Schellenberg still sits in the middle of the Eschnerberg, although the 'capital' of the Unterland is Eschen.

Eschen Coat of Arms

Eschen - Capital of the 'Unterland'

Gamprin Coat of Arms

Gamprin - at the foot of the Eschnerberg

Mauren Coat of Arms

Mauren - crossing point to Austria

Ruggell Coat of Arms

Ruggell - most northerly of Liechtenstein's villages

Schellenberg Coat of Arms

Schellenberg - former home to the dukes, lying on top of the Eschnerberg


The upper or Oberland is the larger and therefore more dominant area, containing its original capital, Vaduz, which is still the country's capital. Most of the Oberland is mountainous, with the country's ski resort, Malbun, at the middle of the Alpine base of the country. Vaduz is now normally accounted for separately.

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Balzers Coat of Arms

Balzers - the southerly-most village in Liechtenstein

Planken Coat of Arms

Planken - village on the mountain shelf

Schaan Coat of Arms

Schaan - the main commercial centre for Liechtenstein

Triesen Coat of Arms

Triesen - at the foot of the mountain

Triesenberg Coat of Arms

Triesenberg - the mountain playground

Vaduz Coat of Arms

Vaduz - capital of modern Liechtenstein and seat of the ruling Prince

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