Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein

The parish church of SchaanSchaan lies in the heart of Liechtenstein, just as Liechtenstein lies in the heart of Europe on the Rhine Valley. The village is key to the national transport system and is a pivot-point, with a large leisure and sport offer, in the midst of wonderful natural features.

Schaan covers an area of approx. 27 square km, which includes areas in the Liechtenstein alps. The village centre lies 460 m above sea-level, measured at the parish church, whereby the lowest point is 440 m, and the highest is 2,570m in the Alps

Schaan has a direct motorway connection to the Swiss motorway network (A13), to the Austrian motorways via Feldkirch. Schaan has the country's main railway station, were the regional network links Buchs, in Switzerland, and Feldkirch, in Austria. Express trains as well as international connections from Buchs, Sargans and Feldkirch. If you wait at the level crossings in Schaan, you are as likely to see the Orient Express as a freight train.

Schaan serves as junction of the public bus traffic in Liechtenstein, with buses via Vaduz to the Swiss town of Sargans and to Buchs, also in Switzerland. There are also buses to the north including Feldkirch, in Austria.


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