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About Liechtenstein - Amenities

Amenities in Schaan, Liechtenstein

Schaan is Liechtenstein's largest community, and is well supplied with amenities for it's population. Main centres for the village are the school, commanding a prominent position above the village, and above it at the foot of the mountains - Dux, and the sports complex next to the Rhine.

Picture of the main railway station in LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is the only country in the world whose capital is not served by an airport or railway station. The latter is located in the village centre of Schaan, (see picture, right) lying about halfway between Paris and Vienna, indeed it not uncommon to sit at the level crossings in Liechtenstein as the famous Orient Express passes by.

In addition to the railway, Schaan acts as a major road hub for the country. All the public buses pass through the main bus terminal next to the post office in Schaan, and the Lindenkreuz is a major road junction, for travellers to Vaduz and all places south; for Feldkirch and Austria; and for Bendern and the Unterland.

Most sports are provided for in Schaan, with the sports complex near the Rhine providing for football and athletics, and nearby facilities are available for the Scuba club - Bubbles - and the Boccia club.

Dux, lying above Schaan provides access to the forests at the foot of the mountains, with walking, and a fitness course. The tennis club is also based in the woodland of Dux, although it also boasts an indoor complex in the industrial zone of Schaan.

As part of the national calendar of events, Schaan is famous for its Fasnacht (Mardi Gras) celebrations, hosting an annual Monsterkonzert (monster concert) of the local Guggamusik (very loud, party bands), and climaxing in the Fasnachtsumzug (Fasnacht or Fasching carnival) which is held on the Sunday before the beginning of Lent.

In a commercial sense, Schaan is a vital component of Liechtenstein industry, being the home to many international companies, such as Hilti, Hilcona and Ivoclar-Vivadent. This importance is supported by a biannual industry exposition called the Ligha - held in the industrial zone, behind the Ivoclar-Vivadent factory.

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