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About Liechtenstein - Triesen

Triesen, Principality of Liechtenstein

St Mamertus chapel in Triesen, LiechtensteinTriesen, with 4,694 inhabitants the third largest village in Liechtenstein, on the southern side of Vaduz and sandwiched between the Rhine and the of Liechtenstein mountain world in wonderful countryside.

The romantic village centre with its old houses, flanked by vineyards and two characteristic chapels tells of the long history of the place. Binding the weaving mill built in 1863 and the modern village skyline together.

Today, Triesen is one of the most modern villages with many attractions for visitors and locals alike. In the last years the village experienced the largest increase in the population within Liechtenstein due to the good infrastructure and the attractive locality, Triesen will probably grow further.

On the surface, the village looks like it has experienced many monumental building projects. After the primary and high schools were extended, a school of music was also opened in 2004. Triesen also offers many leisure opportunities as the village has continually invested its cultural and sporting infrastructure. This includes the largest area which is occupied by the sports ground at Blumenau (flower meadow).

Tennis is also well catered for, with a beautiful facility on the edge of the forest, including an indoor tennis hall. All year round, the indoor swimming pool at the school is well visited by families who enjoy the children's playground and BBQ areas in the summer months. Close to this recreation site are two Fitness parcours (tracks), which provide for most of the requirements of enthusiastic sportsmen and women and health-conscious visitors.

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