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About Liechtenstein - Eschen

Eschen, Liechtenstein (including Nendeln)

The parish church of EschenEschen, and its satellite, Nendeln, is the capital of the Unterland and boasts nearly 4,000 inhabitants, in a relaxing environment.

Eschen extends from the southern slope of the Eschnerberg (Eschen 'mountain') over the fields and meadows to the western slope of the Drei Schwestern (3 sisters) chain, where the village of Nendeln lies, covering about 10 square km.

The diverse industries in the village employ approximately 2,800 workers, including those from neighbouring Austria and Switzerland. To get a view of the life of a traditional professional field, the local ceramics factory in Nendeln allows free admission to view the artists at work. Eschen also has a working mill that is open to the public.

For leisure activities, the village offers a wide variety, such as the footpaths including the historical high-pathway (Hohenweg) and many circular footpaths, cycle rides into fields, the sport park with its well used family playground, a 'Finnenbahn' fitness track, the health 'parcours' (track) as well as an attractive indoor swimming pool.

For the palate, there is a wide variety of restaurants in Eschen and Nendeln with a rich selection of regional and international cuisine. The Eschnerberg can also round off the culinary experience with a range of wines.

Along with this the village also offers a broad spectrum of cultural sights. Together with the Pfrundhaus, private galleries offer most diverse exhibitions and musical recitals. In the last few years a guitar festival has taken place in July, adding to the culture diversity of the village. Concerts of the local music and singing associations stand in high regard around the region. A high point of other kind is the annual cattle and produce market, harking back to the agricultural foundations of the region.

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