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About Liechtenstein - Mauren

Mauren, Liechtenstein (including Schaanwald)

The parish church of Mauren, LiechtensteinMauren (472 metres above sea level) was first documented in 1178 as "Muron". The village consists of the settlements of Mauren and Schaanwald.

In the early 19th century, the construction of new houses in the main town was prohibited by the parish council (in 1850, the maximum number was still fixed at 111 households). Thus, a new settlement grew in Schaanwald.

The memorial for Peter Kaiser (1793-1864), the Liechtenstein educator and historian, is located in Mauren, his home village.

Autumn turnips used to be a favourite crop in Mauren. The nickname "Murer Räba" (Mauren autumn turnip) persists until today. Of particular note are the Birka nature reserve for birds, the Weiherring leisure park, and the Eschen-Mauren sports ground.

The village of Mauren-Schaanwald is home to many industries and businesses making it an important centre within Liechtenstein.

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