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About Liechtenstein - Amenities

Amenities in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

As the capital of the country, Vaduz has an abundance of amenities - museums and sporting facilities. The museums are predominantly located in the centre of the village, with the sporting activities taking place on the edges.

The list of museums is available in the Tourism section of this site along with locations and directions where applicable.

A football match at the stadium in VaduzThere are four main centres for sport in Vaduz - the football stadium houses FC Vaduz and hosts the Liechtenstein national team, and lies on the side of the river Rhine. This stadium is also used for the annual film festival. Nearby is the Grammar School (Gymnasium) where a fully equipped sports hall and running track helps develop sports enthusiasts from the area, and sitting next to the outdoor swimming complex of Mühleholz with its mini golf course.

Across the main road, the squash centre offers year-round sport, and is home to the Swiss champions of 2004. And up the hillside from the squash centre, in the forests of the foothills lies the tennis complex, home to the Vaduz Tennis Club.

In the centre of Vaduz is the bus station, a major junction for the country's transport network, and providing visitors with a quick change from shopping to sightseeing mode.

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