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About Liechtenstein - Alpine Wildlife

Wildlife in the Liechtenstein Alps

Red fox - common in the Liechtenstein mountains

The days of the wild brown bear and wolves in the Alps are now long gone (although they are still found in some of the eastern Alps). Lynx have been reintroduced into the area, but you are highly unlikely to spot any during your stay in the mountains.

The mounatain goat or Gams, common in the Liechtenstein mountains

You will, if you keep your eyes open to movements in the undergrowth, observe deer, mountain goats and marmots. You will find hides at regular intervals in the mountains, and if you are lucky you will be able to speak to one of the state hunters who maintain the populations of wildlife in Liechtenstein.


In the skies above the mountains you will see birds of prey, including golden eagles, and you may even spot the bearded vulture - they nest in the area.