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About Liechtenstein - People

The Liechtenstein People

The people of Liechtenstein, or Liechtensteiners as they are correctly called, are from Germanic stock (Alemanic peoples), with a mix of the Walsers from South-western Switzerland and many of the neighbouring countries, being in the mixing pot of Europe.

Farmers on the mountainside

The country has been a Roman Catholic state since Christianity entered the area, it's leaders defending the Catholic church whilst most of its neighbours turn to, or were swayed by Protestantism. The modern influx of people has brought other religions, as well as other customs and languages to the country, though, despite the growing numbers of 'foreigners', Liechtenstein sticks to its customs and traditions.

In general, you will find Liechtensteiners very hospitable and friendly people, but they are also very private. They will enjoy a drink with you, they will guide you to the best sights in the area, but you won't be counted as one of them even if you live there for decades. The old village mentality is deeply ingrained.

Every village has its own dialect, and anyone only understanding high German (Hochdeutsch) may have some difficulty understanding the dialects. The most confusing, even for most Liechtensteiners, is the Triesenberger or 'berger dialect which still shows its Walser roots.

This site explores the major customs and the language of the people of this country. For those people who are trying to explore family links, there is also a genealogical resource to guide you.