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About Liechtenstein - Prince Hans Adam I

Prince Hans Adam I von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1699 -1712

Born 1657, Died 1712.

Picture of Prince Johann Adam von Liechtenstein

Johann Adam Andreas successfully undertook the reorganisation of the Princely administration and the restructuring of the family finances.

In 1687, he was appointed to the Privy Council, and he received the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1693. He also put his financial-political skills to use in the service of the Imperial House. A project to rationalise the government administration in 1699 failed, however, due to the stubborn resistance of the bureaucracy. The founding of the Vienna Deposit Bank, which Hans Adam presided over from 1703 to 1705, also remained without the expected success.

In 1707, the Prince travelled as the Imperial commissioner to the Hungarian parliament in Pressburg (Bratislava in modern Slovakia). His purchase of the Duchy of Schellenberg and the County of Vaduz in 1699 and 1712, respectively, had far-reaching consequences for the family. With these acquisitions, the Princes gained property with Imperial immediacy for the first time and approached the goal they had pursued for almost a hundred years, namely a seat in the Imperial Council of Princes.

Prince Hans Adam was regarded as the most generous collector and patron of art in his era. Through the purchase of valuable paintings and sculptures, he contributed significantly to the reputation of the Princely Collections. His construction activities were also of lasting importance, culminating in the establishment of the two magnificent palaces in Vienna, the Majorat Palace and the Garden Palace.

When Hans Adam died he left no surviving male descendants, so the throne passed to his cousin, Anton Florian.

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