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About Liechtenstein - Financial Services

Liechtenstein's banking & financial industry

Liechtenstein's banking industry benefited from its links to Switzerland. Originally the only bank in the country was the Liechtensteinsche Landesbank (national bank). The Princes of Liechtenstein were less interested in the country, remaining in Vienna to most of the year, but with their wealth and interest in accumulating more, they founded the Bank in Liechtenstein, now called LGT.

A range of old style Swiss FrancsIn the post-war period another bank joined the sector - the Verwaltungs- und Privat Bank or VPB (administrative and private bank), and this status quo remained for many years until the banking regulations were relaxed, allowing a number of new and foreign banks to set up in Liechtenstein, most of them in the banking centre - Vaduz.

Banking and financial services are now an important part of the Liechtenstein economy, and the generously low tax rates have attracted many companies to set up post-box operations in the country.

The Liechtenstein financial institutions we have included are: