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About Liechtenstein - Golf

Golf in the Principality of Liechtenstein

The Alpin Golf Cup held in the mountain resort of Malbun

Golf is quite a recent phenomenon in Liechtenstein, having been a very expensive sport - the nearest club being just over the border, south of Balzers in the Spa town of Bad Ragaz. The geography of the area means that golf courses are at a premium, but as Liechtensteiners have found out, they can go elsewhere in the world, and there are a number of courses at more affordable prices just a few miles north in Germany.


Having said this, Liechtenstein does now have a driving range - a recent venture by a local - offering practice facilities in Schaan. In addition to this, the country now also hosts an open golf tournament in Malbun - called the Alpine Open. This is obviously a tough tournament, as most of it is on the steep mountain slopes, and very much 'in the rough'.

PGA tournament at Bad Ragaz



Who knows, maybe one day soon a Liechtensteiner will be competing in the professional championships?