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About Liechtenstein - Winter Sports

Winter sports in the Principality of Liechtenstein

Paul Frommelt, Liechtenstein skiier during the 1970's

Winter sports in Liechtenstein revolve mainly around skiing. The ski resort in Liechtenstein - Malbun - is technically unchallenging, with few black runs and most runs being very short. It does, however, allow for regular practice, and for slalom training.

Nordic skiing in Steg, Liechtenstein


Alpine skiing is practiced in Malbun, with neighbouring Steg hosting the Nordic variety, using the relatively level Samina valley. Liechtenstein also boasts an Ice Hockey team in the Swiss league, and individuals who compete in the Bobsleigh and Skeleton Bob.


Malbun, is a low lying resort, so the winter season there can be rather short, with consistent snow only after the New Year, and the regular end of the season in April. This is not a great problem for the talented skiers as there are higher resorts nearby in Switzerland and Austria, including glacier skiing opportunities.