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About Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein Tourism

Tourism in & around the Principality of Liechtenstein

Since the turn of the last century, Liechtenstein has identified that tourism is a lucrative industry using the natural beauty of the surrounding area. It was also at this time that the British were setting up the Swiss summer and winter tourist industry in nearby Klosters, Davos, St. Moritz and Unterwasser to name but a few. The winter sports industry in Liechtenstein came later.

People in the national costume on the slopes of Castle Gutenberg in BalzersThe First World War destroyed the industry for very obvious reasons, and the post-war depression hindered any growth between the wars. It was after World War Two, therefore, that the tourist industry really took off in Liechtenstein, with Vaduz and Malbun growing with the influx of the tourists and their money.

Liechtensteiners also found an ingenious way of expanding the income opportunities in a time where countries were increasingly moving away from stamping passports, the Liechtenstein tourist office will stamp your passport, for a fee!

The passport stamp you can get for a fee in the Tourist Office in VaduzWinter or summer, Liechtenstein is an ideal destination for anyone who loves enjoying wonderful scenery, meeting people and encountering new customs and experiences.

Liechtenstein is also a great place for lovers of world-class gastronomy - the restaurateurs in Liechtenstein are well-known and prepare a wide range of top quality foods, served with some delightful wines and beers.

Liechtenstein is geared up for tourism, and is well worth the visit. Most people have traditionally only passed through the country, but why not plan to spend a day or two exploring this small country with a big heart in the centre of Europe?