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About Liechtenstein - Sport

Sport in Planken, Liechtenstein

Gafadura mountain hut and restaurant above Planken, LiechtensteinPlanken is rife with recent Liechtenstein sporting history, mainly thanks to the Wenzel family who moved to the village from Germany. The success of the family siblings - Hanni, Andi and Petra, and now the success from Hanni's children from her marriage with Harti Weirather - the Austrian ski champion - look to put Planken firmly on the sporting map of Liechtenstein and the world again.

Due to its geography, Planken has little room for sporting facilities, although it does boast a small ski lift at the far end of the village. Being on the mountainside, mountain hiking and biking obviously play a major role in the possible leisure pursuits offered by this village, and as such should not be underestimated.


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