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About Liechtenstein - Planken

Planken, Principality of Liechtenstein

Picture of the main street in PlankenThe past of Planken is a history of poverty. The documents date from the 14th Century. The romanische plaunca was settled at that time by the Walser immigrants. They cleared large areas of the scrub and tilled the earth.

The number of inhabitants of Planken varied substantially over the centuries. Pillaging and burning were commonplace in times of war (1499 and 1799) and led to great suffering. It was only in 1868 that the road connection was made for larger carts. Only one year later a major fire the destroyed village centre.

In the subsequent years Planken was endangered by substantial emigration. In 1901 there were still 56 inhabitants in the village. Only the connection to wider community (1961-1981) led the people from the meagerness of a mountain peasant life. The life in Planken improved through an improved infrastructure and careful village design.


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